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A critical part of People, Cities & Nature is the communication of research findings to people who can use them. These findings are presented through workshops, publications and presentations and are provided here for your information. Check back regularly to learn about the latest findings.


Tauranga Urban Restoration Workshop
The Tauranga Urban Restoration Workshop was co-hosted by People, Cities & Nature and the Tauranga City Council on October 5th, 2018 at the local Historic Village. The day was…
Hawke's Bay Ecological Restoration Workshop
Fifty people attended the Hawke's Bay Ecological Restoration Workshop in Napier on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2018. The participants came from diverse backgrounds, including local councils, consultancies,…
Christchurch Urban Restoration Workshop
The Christchurch Urban Restoration Workshop was co-hosted by People, Cities & Nature and the NZ Biological Heritage Science Challenge on June 7th, 2019 at Addington Raceway & Events Centre.…
Hamilton Urban Restoration Workshop
The Hamilton Urban Restoration Workshop was co-hosted by People, Cities & Nature and the Waikato Biodiversity Forum on May 24th, 2019. The full-day workshop was attend by 90 people…
Southland Native Plant Restoration Workshop
The Southland Native Plant Restoration Workshop was co-hosted by People, Cities & Nature and the Southland Community Nursery on April 5th, 2019. The full-day workshop was attended by 65…


Journal Articles

Wallace, K.J., Clarkson, B.D. 2019. Urban forest restoration ecology: a review from Hamilton, New Zealand. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Wallace, K.J., Laughlin, D.C., Clarkson, B.D. & Schipper, L.A. 2018. Forest canopy restoration has indirect effects on litter decomposition and no effect on denitrification. Ecosphere 9(12): 1-14.

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Anton, V., Hartley, S., Geldenhuis, A. & Wittmer, H.U. 2018. Monitoring the mammalian fauna of urban areas using remote cameras and citizen science. Journal of Urban Ecology 4:1.

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Clarkson, B.D. & Kirby, C.L. 2016. Ecological restoration in urban environments in New Zealand. Ecological Management & Restoration 17(3): 180-190. An update (July 2019): Peer-reviewed articles on New Zealand urban conservation and restoration, published since those reviewed by Clarkson, B.D. & Kirby, C.L. (2016).

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Policy Reports

Clarkson, B.D., Kirby, C.L. & Wallace, K.J. 2018. Restoration targets for biodiversity depleted environments in New Zealand. Report prepared for the Biodiversity Collaborative Group.

Relevant Reading & Tools

The New Zealand Environment Guide
Provides practical information to assist individuals, community groups and businesses to more effectively participate in environmental management processes.

NZ Landcare Trust
NZ Landcare Trust works with farmers, landowners and community groups to improve the sustainability of our landscapes and waterways.

Community Urban Restoration & Education Guide
Lessons learned from the volcano to sea project - published by NZ Landcare Trust.

Nature Space Resource Centre
Information and resources for restoration groups.

The Green Toolbox
Plant species selection tool software (for Windows) designed to help users choose and evaluate plants for a variety of land management applications.

Education and action group tackling NZ's weed problem. This website has useful information and opportunities to get involved.

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network
Comprehensive and accurate information to support the conservation of NZ native plants. Great plant identification resource.

Predator Free New Zealand
Information and support for pest control.

What made these tracks?
Information for the identification of tracking tunnel animal tracks.

Regional guides for planting natives
Compiled by Trees that Count - find a guide for your region.

CommunityNet Aotearoa
Legal resources and advice for community groups.

Restoration Resource Center
From the Society for Ecological Restoration, the RRC is an international, interactive platform for knowledge exchange and learning in the field of ecological restoration.

National standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia
Including key guiding principles. Standards for New Zealand are expected in the next 2 years.

Auckland community ecological monitoring guide. A framework for selecting monitoring methods
Providing guidance on the best methods to monitor the health of ecosystems or ecosystem components that your community group is managing, restoring or studying.